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Previous results from our laboratory demonstrated that S(-)nornicotine, a major tobacco alkaloid and an active nicotine metabolite present in the CNS, increases dopamine release from rat striatal slices in a concentration-dependent and calcium-dependent manner. The present study determined if S(-)nornicotine-evoked dopamine release was the result of(More)
Lobeline interacts with the dopamine transporter and vesicular monoamine transporter, presynaptic proteins involved in dopamine storage and release. This study used rodent models to assess lobeline-induced inhibition of the neurochemical and behavioral effects of amphetamine. Rat striatal slices were preloaded with [(3)H]dopamine and superfused with(More)
Cotinine, a major peripheral metabolite of nicotine, has recently been shown to be the most abundant metabolite in rat brain after peripheral nicotine administration. However, little attention has been focused on the contribution of cotinine to the pharmacological effects of nicotine exposure in either animals or humans. The present study determined the(More)
Lobeline is currently being developed as a substitution therapy for tobacco smoking cessation. Activation of CNS dopamine (DA) systems results in the reinforcing properties of nicotine. The present study compared the effects of lobeline and nicotine on rat striatum. Both lobeline and nicotine evoked [3H]overflow from striatal slices superfused in the(More)
Background. The prognostic significance of ERG expression in prostate cancer (PCA) has generated mixed results. We sought to investigate the prognostic significance of ERG expression in a localized cohort of men with PCA. Material and Methods. We investigated ERG protein expression in a cohort of 198 men with localized PCA. ERG expression was correlated(More)
Lobeline, an alkaloid from Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata), is classified as a nicotinic agonist and is currently used as a smoking cessation agent. However, our previous in vitro studies demonstrate that lobeline does not act as a nicotinic agonist but alters presynaptic dopamine (DA) storage by potently inhibiting DA uptake into synaptic vesicles.(More)
The ectopic thyroid tissue is the result of abnormality in embryological development and migration. Ectopic thyroid tissue located in or adjacent to the gallbladder wall is extremely rare with only two cases reported since 1969. These cases were all identified incidentally by pathological examination after cholecystectomy for acute or chronic cholecystitis.(More)
In addition to S(-)-nicotine, several minor tobacco alkaloids ((+/-)-nornicotine, anabaseine, S(-)-anabasine, and S(-)-N-methylanabasine) are present in tobacco smoke. This study demonstrates that these alkaloids increase fractional 3H release in a concentration-dependent manner from rat striatal slices preloaded with [3H]dopamine, with desensitization of(More)
OBJECTIVES ERG-gene rearrangement defines a distinct molecular subtype of PCA with potential biological and clinical implications. To identify a molecular signature reflective of the downstream effects of ERG-mediated transcriptional regulation with prognostic implication in patients with prostate cancer (PCA). MATERIAL AND METHODS We used a singular(More)
The aerial parts of genus Peganum are officially used in traditional Chinese medicine. The paper aims to establish a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for fingerprint analysis and simultaneous determination of three alkaloids and two flavonoids in aerial parts of genus Peganum, and to analyze accumulative difference of secondary(More)