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To the Editor: Shaw and colleagues (March 27 issue)1 report that ceritinib can overcome crizotinib resistance in patients with non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) harboring the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene (ALK) rearrangement. ROS1 is a paralog of ALK in humans, and crizotinib is an efficient ROS1 inhibitor.2,3 A study by Awad and colleagues, published in(More)
The authors have developed a set of shape factors to measure the roughness of contours of calcifications in mammograms and for use in their classification as malignant or benign. The analysis of mammograms is performed in three stages. First, a region growing technique is used to obtain the contours of calcifications. Then, three measures of shape features,(More)
Color, infrared, and flash images captured in different fields can be employed to effectively eliminate noise and other visual artifacts. We propose a two-image restoration framework considering input images in different fields, for example, one noisy color image and one dark-flashed near infrared image. The major issue in such a framework is to handle(More)
PURPOSE The runt-related transcription factor, Runx2 may have an oncogenic role in mediating metastatic events in breast cancer, but whether Runx2 has a role in the early phases of breast cancer development is not clear. We examined the expression of Runx2 and its relationship with oestrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR) in breast cancer cell(More)
In view of the vital role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), the potential of antioxidant supplements to prevent AD have gained much interest, while there are conflicting results on this topic in recent years. The purpose of the present study is to comprehensively evaluate the association between dietary intakes, instead of(More)
Lossless compression techniques are essential in archival and communication of medical images. In this paper, a new segmentation-based lossless image coding (SLIC) method is proposed, which is based on a simple but efficient region growing procedure. The embedded region growing procedure produces an adaptive scanning pattern for the image with the help of a(More)
Near-infrared (NIR) light has stronger penetration capability than visible light due to its long wavelengths and is thus less scattered by particles in the air. This makes it desirable for image dehazing to unveil details of distant objects in landscape photographs. In this paper, we propose an improved image dehazing scheme using a pair of color and NIR(More)
An adaptive fast multipole boundary element method (FMBEM) for general three-dimensional (3-D) potential problems is presented in this paper. This adaptive FMBEM uses an adaptive tree structure that can balance the multipole to local translations (M2L) and the direct evaluations of the near-field integrals, and thus can reduce the number of the more costly(More)
PURPOSE To retrospectively evaluate the dose-volume histogram data of irradiated lung in adjuvant breast radiotherapy (ABR) using a three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT)-guided planning technique; and to investigate the relationship between lung dose-volume data and traditionally used two-dimensional (2D) parameters, as well as their correlation(More)