Liang Shang

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Paraoxonase-1 (PON1), a high-density-lipoprotein- (HDL-) associated enzyme, has the potential to protect against atherogenesis. We examine the relationships between plasma PON1 activity and the progression of atherosclerosis as well as coronary artery disease (CAD). Fasting blood samples were collected from female apolipoprotein E-deficient (apoE(-/-)) mice(More)
BACKGROUND The gp41 component of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) envelope glycoprotein (Env) contains a long cytoplasmic domain (CD) with multiple highly conserved tyrosine (Y) and dileucine (LL) motifs. Studies suggest that the motifs distal to major endocytosis motif (Y712HRL), located at residues 712-715 of Env, may contribute to Env functionality(More)
We sought design principles for a vaccine to prevent HIV transmission to women by identifying correlates of protection conferred by a highly effective live attenuated SIV vaccine in the rhesus macaque animal model. We show that SIVmac239Δnef vaccination recruits plasma cells and induces ectopic lymphoid follicle formation beneath the mucosal epithelium in(More)
INTRODUCTION Sodium ferulate (SF) is a natural component of traditional Chinese herbs. Our previous study shows that SF has a protective effect on osteoarthritis (OA). The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of SF on the TNF/TNF receptor (TNFR) signal transduction pathway of rat OA chondrocytes. METHODS Primary rat articular chondrocytes(More)
Live SIV vaccine correlate of protection: immune complex-inhibitory Fc receptor interactions that reduce target cell availability" (2014). Virology Papers. Paper 313. Abstract Principles to guide design of an effective vaccine against HIV are greatly needed, particularly to protect women in the pandemic's epicentre in Africa. We have been seeking these(More)
Arthritis Research and Th erapy could draw such great interest from the readers. Th e following is our response to Ma and colleagues' concerns [1]. In response to the fi rst question, at the beginning of the research we had screened the entire apoptotic pathways using the Rat Apoptosis RT2 Profi ler™ PCR Array (SABiosciences, Frederick, MD, USA), and the(More)
In the SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus)-rhesus macaque model of HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency virus type I) transmission to women, one hallmark of the mucosal response to exposure to high doses of SIV is CD4 T-cell recruitment that fuels local virus expansion in early infection. In this study, we systematically analyzed the cellular events and(More)
After publication of our recent article [1], it was brought to our attention that an inaccurate observation was made in the Results section. We stated that diff erent concentrations of SF have no eff ect on normal chondrocytes viability. However, Figure 1 demonstrates that SF concen-tra tions 500 and 1000 μmol/L signifi cantly increase chon-drocytes(More)
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