Liang S. Chao

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Patient treatment in a medical linear accelerator is characterized by many angular and translational movements of the gantry and couch. The direction and orientation of each treatment beam is specified by a set of gantry, turntable, and collimator angles. It is possible that some selected treatment field configurations will result in gantry/couch or(More)
According to our previous study on the dose distribution around a shielded vaginal cylinder with a high-intensity 192 Ir source by using EGS4 code, the more detailed 3D-simulation model was established in this work. The results obtained by the 3D-simulation model were compared with those measured by i o n c hamber in previous work and evaluated by the(More)
When we use radiation to treat cancer patients, the irradiated volume usually encloses the detectable tumor and any metastatic areas that are thought to be at risk. Usually, in three-dimensional (3D) radiation therapy, we need to define the clinical target volume (CTV), which identifies the areas suspected of containing microscopic metastasis. We can use a(More)
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