Liang-Ju Chien

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A new micromachined circulating polymerase chain reaction (PCR) chip is reported in this study. A novel liquid transportation mechanism utilizing a suction-type membrane and three microvalves were used to create a new microfluidic control module to rapidly transport the DNA samples and PCR reagents around three bio-reactors operating at three different(More)
This study demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing electrokinesis in an electrodeless dielectrophoresis chip to separate and concentrate microparticles such as biosamples. Numerical simulations and experimental observations were facilitated to investigate the phenomena of electrokinetics, i.e., electroosmosis, dielectrophoresis, and electrothermosis.(More)
A novel whole-cell sensing chip system consisted of a micro-concentrator, a set of electrochemical detection electrodes, and a microfluidic channel was developed for rapid detection of arsenite in water. Firstly, the E. coli cells transformed with arsenited-regulated reporter plasmids were incubated with solution contained arsenite. Under this condition,(More)
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