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Genomic sequence analyses of classical and non-classical lamprey progesterone receptor genes and the inference of homologous gene evolution in metazoans
BackgroundNuclear progesterone receptor (nPR) is an evolutionary innovation in vertebrates that mediates genomic responses to progesterone. Vertebrates also respond to progesterone via membraneExpand
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Primary yielding locus of cement-stabilized marine clay and its applications
ABSTRACT Strength and stiffness properties of materials are widely studied and used in civil engineering practice. However, most studies are based on unconfined conditions, which are different fromExpand
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Introduction of Evaluation Indices for Continuity of Care
Continuous care helps to reduce rates of hospitalization and medical costs,effectively manage chronic diseases,and improve patients′ satisfaction.Continuity of care is top on the list of goals forExpand
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Biallelic editing of a lamprey genome using the CRISPR/Cas9 system
Lampreys are extant representatives of agnathans. Descriptions of lamprey development, physiology and genome have provided critical insights into early evolution of vertebrate traits. However,Expand
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Differential transcriptome analysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae challenged by Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
Zebrafish embryo and larva represent a useful in vivo model for identification of host innate immune responses to bacterial infection. Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a typical zoonotic pathogen worldwideExpand
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Evidence for partial overlap of male olfactory cues in lampreys
ABSTRACT Animals rely on a mosaic of complex information to find and evaluate mates. Pheromones, often consisting of multiple components, are considered to be particularly important forExpand
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IRAK2 and TLR10 confer risk of Hashimoto’s disease: a genetic association study based on the Han Chinese population
Hashimoto’s disease (HD) is one of the major clinical subtypes of autoimmune thyroid disease. Both environmental and genetic factors contribute to the pathogenesis of HD. Previous evidence has shownExpand
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The Clinical Therapeutic Effect of Yuejubohe Pill on Light or Middle Level Depression
Objective To observe the clinical therapeutic effect of Yuejubohe pill on light or middle level depression.Methods In open-random comparing method,24 cases of patients with depression were dividedExpand
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Complete mitochondrial genomes of Korean lamprey (Lethenteron morii) and American brook lamprey (L. appendix)
Abstract The complete mitogenomes of two lampreys with complex taxonomic histories, the Korean lamprey (Lethenteron morii) and the American brook lamprey (L. appendix) were determined. Three-ntExpand
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Gene expression patterns regulating embryogenesis based on the integrated de novo transcriptome assembly of the Japanese flounder.
The Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) is one of the most important commercial and biological marine fishes. However, the molecular biology involved during embryogenesis and early developmentExpand
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