Liang-Hsuan Chen

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Quality function deployment (QFD) is a customer-driven approach in processing new product development (NPD) to maximize customer satisfaction. Determining the fulfillment levels of the ‘‘hows”, including design requirements (DRs), part characteristics (PCs), process parameters (PPs) and production requirements (PRs), is an important decision problem during(More)
Quality function deployment (QFD) is a product development process used to achieve higher customer satisfaction: the engineering characteristics affecting the product performance are designed to match the customer requirements. From the viewpoint of QFDs designers, product design processes are performed in uncertain environments, and usually more than one(More)
Portfolio selection is an important issue for researchers and practitioners. Focusing on equity mutual funds, this paper proposes a basic portfolio selection model in which future return rates and future risks of mutual funds are represented by triangular fuzzy numbers. Firstly, a cluster analysis is proposed to categorize the huge amount of equity mutual(More)
This paper proposes an intelligent control system called self-exploring-based intelligent control system (SEICS). The SEICS is comprised of three basic mechanisms, namely, controller, performance evaluator (PE), and adaptor. The controller is constructed by a fuzzy neural network (FNN) to carry out the control tasks. The PE is used to determine whether or(More)
To improve the quality of journals in Taiwan, the National Science Council (NSC) of the Republic of China evaluates journals in the fields of humanities and social sciences periodically. This paper describes the evaluation of 46 management journals conducted by the authors, as authorized by the NSC. Both a subjective approach, with judgments solicited from(More)