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Conficker is a worm outbreak recently which form a large botnet and became a huge threat to the security of the internet. In this paper, the redirect technology of domain name was used to monitor the conficker. For it’s low killing rate and long-term period of propagation, we built a propagation model of botnet based on conficker monitoring. In the(More)
We show that the reduced Hochschild homology of a DG open Frobenius algebra has the natural structure of a Batalin-Vilkovisky coalgebra, and the reduced cyclic homology has the natural structure of a gravity coalgebra. This gives an algebraic model for a Batalin-Vilkovisky coalgebra structure on the reduced homology of the free loop space of a simply(More)
We construct a long exact sequence involving the homology of an FI-module. Using the long exact sequence, we give two methods to bound the Castelnuovo–Mumford regularity of an FI-module which is generated and related in finite degree. We also prove that for an FImodule which is generated and related in finite degree, if it has a nonzero higher homology,(More)
In this paper, a new decoupled Unitary ESPRIT algorithm for two-dimensional (2-D) direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation is presented. By exploiting the centro-symmetric array configurations of two parallel uniform linear arrays (TP-ULAs) and utilizing the via rotational invariance techniques, the proposed algorithm has advantages as listed below. First, the(More)
IRC botnet can be regarded as a collection of compromised computers (called Zombie computers) running software under the command-and-control infrastructure constructed by the IRC server. The connection between the botnet server and the bots are usually very dynamic. In order to describe a botnet at a finer granularity, the paper proposed a method that(More)
In recent years, the rapid development of microblog provides entity relation extraction (ERE) with a new carrier. However, the characteristics of microblog also bring some challenges for ERE research. Considering the characteristics of microblog, the paper proposes an unsupervised open relation extraction (ORE) method, namely MICRO-ORE. Firstly, MICRO-ORE(More)