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The concealed information test (CIT) has drawn much attention and has been widely investigated in recent years. In this study, a novel CIT method based on denoised P3 and machine learning was proposed to improve the accuracy of lie detection. Thirty participants were chosen as the guilty and innocent participants to perform the paradigms of 3 types of(More)
With the rapid growth of networks in size and complexity, netwok administrators today are facing more and more challenges for protecting their networked computers and other devices from all kinds of attacks. Unlike the traditional methods of analyzing textual log data, a visual interactive system called DDoSViewer is proposed in this paper for detecting(More)
The LHC experiments have great potential in discovering many possible new particles up to the TeV scale. The significance calculation of an observation of a physics signal with known location and shape is no longer valid when either the location or the shape of the signal is unknown. We find the current LHC significance calculation of new physics is(More)
With the rapid growth of data in size and complexity, that are available on shared cloud computing platform, the threat of malicious activities and computer crimes has increased accordingly. Thus, investigating efficient data visualization techniques for visual analytics of such big data and visual intrusion detection over data intensive cloud computing is(More)