Liang Fu Lu

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Parallel coordinate is a popular tool for visualizing high-dimensional data and analyzing multivariate data. With the rapid growth of data size and complexity, data clutter in parallel coordinates is a major issue for Big Data visualization. This has given rise to three problems, (1) how to rearrange the parallel axes without the loss of data patterns, (2)(More)
Visualization and interaction of multidimensional data always requires optimized solutions to integrate the display, exploration and analytical reasoning of data into one visual pipeline for human-centered data analysis and interpretation. Parallel coordinate, as one of the popular multidimensional data visualization techniques, is suffered from the visual(More)
With the rapid growth of networks in size and complexity, netwok administrators today are facing more and more challenges for protecting their networked computers and other devices from all kinds of attacks. Unlike the traditional methods of analyzing textual log data, a visual interactive system called DDoSViewer is proposed in this paper for detecting(More)
Though the essential role of extracellular matrix in biofilm development has been extensively documented, the function of matrix-associated proteins is elusive. Determining the dynamics of matrix-associated proteins would be a useful way to reveal their functions in biofilm development. Therefore, we applied iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomics to evaluate(More)
Marine bacteria are the most widely distributed organisms in the ocean environment and produce a wide variety of secondary metabolites. However, traditional screening for bioactive natural compounds is greatly hindered by the lack of a systematic way of cataloguing the chemical profiles of bacterial strains found in nature. Here we present a chemical(More)
Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is released into the circulation during pathogenesis of endotoxin and septic shock and appears to partly mediate vascular problems of shock. To explore the function of CGRP during shock, we investigated long-term action of CGRP, alone or in combination with interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta), another shock mediator, in(More)
Thalassospiramides comprise a large family of lipopeptide natural products produced by Thalassospira and Tistrella marine bacteria. Here we provide further evidence of their nanomolar inhibitory activity against the human calpain 1 protease. Analysis of structure-activity relationship data supported our hypothesis that the rigid 12-membered ring containing(More)