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Modern industrial, government, and academic organizations are collecting massive amounts of data (" big data ") at an unprecedented scale and pace. The ability to perform timely and cost-effective analytical processing of such large datasets to extract deep insights is now a key ingredient for success. These insights can drive automated processes for(More)
The mechanisms by which mutations in FUS and other RNA binding proteins cause ALS and FTD remain controversial. We propose a model in which low-complexity (LC) domains of FUS drive its physiologically reversible assembly into membrane-free, liquid droplet and hydrogel-like structures. ALS/FTD mutations in LC or non-LC domains induce further phase transition(More)
Despite its compactness, the human eye can easily focus on different distances by adjusting the shape of its lens with the help of ciliary muscles. In contrast, traditional man-made optical systems achieve focusing by physical displacement of the lenses used. But in recent years, advances in miniaturization technology have led to optical systems that no(More)
Mutations in the nuclear membrane zinc metalloprotease ZMPSTE24 lead to diseases of lamin processing (laminopathies), such as the premature aging disease progeria and metabolic disorders. ZMPSTE24 processes prelamin A, a component of the nuclear lamina intermediate filaments, by cleaving it at two sites. Failure of this processing results in accumulation of(More)
In pregnancy, trophoblast invasion and uterine spiral artery remodelling are important for lowering maternal vascular resistance and increasing uteroplacental blood flow. Impaired spiral artery remodelling has been implicated in pre-eclampsia, a major complication of pregnancy, for a long time but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Corin (also known(More)
BACKGROUND Camptotheca acuminata is a Nyssaceae plant, often called the "happy tree", which is indigenous in Southern China. C. acuminata produces the terpenoid indole alkaloid, camptothecin (CPT), which exhibits clinical effects in various cancer treatments. Despite its importance, little is known about the transcriptome of C. acuminata and the mechanism(More)
  • Liang Dong
  • 2009
—This paper addresses cooperative localization for mobile ad-hoc networks that benefits from the node velocity estimation. Given pair-wise range measurement and relative speed measurement between communicating nodes, the relative node positions are estimated using an extended Kalman filter. The state-space equation of the Kalman filter incorporates the node(More)
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  • Liang Dong
  • 2012
Cooperative localization and tracking technique relies on pairwise measurements to jointly estimate the positions and the velocities of multiple nodes in a mobile ad hoc network. The pairwise measurements include the range and the radial velocity between the transmitting and receiving nodes. For a large-scale network, we formulate the state-space models for(More)