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in the number and severity of shockwaves. The authors found that the implementation of variable speed limits provided calmer traffic and improved the distribution of the traffic over the available road space. In the United States, VSLs are used in Washington State, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Wisconsin to identify and implement a safe speed limit when(More)
We present our work on the real-time route diversion system RTRDS, a module developed for the State of Florida's SunGuide Automated Transportation Management System ATMS. Our RTRDS is an extensible, adaptor-based framework designed to create optimal route diversions based upon available real-time and historical traffic information, and disseminate these(More)
An overview of the semiconductor roadmap of interconnects process transition from 0.13mum to 45nm using current proven state- of-the-art manufacturing technology in relation to the integration of dielectric material progressing from fluorinated silica glass to porous low-k will be discussed. Key challenges of process integration with shrinking dimension to(More)
DISCLAIMER "The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the State of Florida Department of Transportation." In this project, we investigate a computer model, and develop a software system that leverages real-time traffic data to help the traffic management center (TMC) to more(More)
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