Liang Cheng Tu

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Gravity gradient measurement makes use of the difference between the outputs of pairs of linear accelerometers, which results in cancelling out the common mode accelerations caused by mounting platform and external environment. One of the key technologies is to match the acceleration-to-voltage or acceleration-to-current transfer functions of the pairs of(More)
Inoculation of the bacterial cells of microbial seed coating agents (SCAs) into the environment may result in limited survival and colonization. Therefore, the application efficacy of an encapsulated microbial seed coating agent (ESCA) was investigated on potted cotton plants; the agent was prepared with polyvinyl alcohol, sodium dodecyl sulfate, bentonite,(More)
This paper presents an in-plane sandwich nano-g microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer. The proof-mass fabrication is based on silicon etching through technology using inductive coupled plasma (ICP) etching. The capacitive detection system, which employs the area-changing sensing method, combines elementary capacitive pickup electrodes with(More)
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