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In this paper, an approach of developing high agility and resolution millimeter-wave synthesizer architecture without using PLL (Phase Locked Loop) is proposed. Using the frequency multiplying of DDS output signal to provide the local oscillators instead of PLL in traditional three frequency conversions scheme, with good frequency configuration and optimal(More)
In this paper, a Ka band broadband bandpass filter with substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is presented and investigated with simulation and experiment, which can provide 32.7% fractional bandwidth at the center frequency of 35GHz. In order to connect with microstrip circuits, an SIW to microstrip transition is included in this design.(More)
Millimeter-wave radar has attracted much attention as a replacement of some infrared or laser systems currently in use. In this paper, an approach of developing high performance waveform for full-coherent millimeter-wave radar is proposed. With good frequency configuration and optimal utilization of DDS (direct digital synthesizer), PLL (phase locked loop)(More)
Co-Channel Dual Polarization (CCDP) technology is an efficient way to double the link capacity in modern communication system. However, the consequent polarization interferences become an inevitable problem to fight. Therefore, a Cross-Polarization Interference Canceller (XPIC) is necessary against the cross-talks. This paper focuses on the baseband XPIC(More)
This paper proposes an improved 1 to 4 power divider based on oversized-coaxial and radial waveguide. To widen the bandwidth of the divider/combiner, an axially symmetric oversized coaxial waveguide is used to transform input to the radial waveguide, and at the bottom of the radial waveguide, stepped-impedance technology is used to realize the impedance(More)
This paper describes in detail how to select components of the peripheral circuits of LT3748. In this paper, the LT3748 is introduced to produce an 8V<sub>out</sub> at 3A from the nominal input voltage -48V with an operating input voltage range of -38.4V to -72V, where -48V is a common telecommunications equipment voltage. The test results show the output(More)
Aimed at the problem of the near-field imaging in real time, a near-field narrow 2-D imaging algorithm based on the combination of single-input multiple output array (SIMO) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is proposed. By combining a real aperture and synthetic aperture, a 2-D synthetic aperture plane which is in terms of spatial sampling to obtain the(More)
As the development of wireless communication, people put forward higher requirements on wireless transceiver system. MIMO technology is a major breakthrough in the field of wireless communication and it can greatly increase the channel capacity and spectrum efficiency without expanding bandwidth. This paper works on the design, development and test of a(More)
This paper presents a 65&#x2013;85 GHz 5-bit passive phase shifter at the desired frequency of 77 GHz, using CMOS switches available in the 0.13 &#x00B5;m SiGe BiCMOS process. The phase shifter is based on a low-pass &#x03C0;-network and CMOS passive transistors. The RMS phase error, the insertion loss and the VSWR is less than 3.5&#x00B0;, &#x2212;20 dB(More)
Waveguide T-junction and directional couplers are widely used in microwave/millimeter wave systems, because its circuit is simply and easily to be designed and fabricated. In this paper, a ka-band E-plane rectangular waveguide power divider is proposed and optimized. The first level of the network is the T-junction, which can halve the power for the first(More)