Lianfang Cai

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Independent component analysis Kurtosis Fourth order cumulant Fault detection time Fault detection rate a b s t r a c t Independent component analysis (ICA) is an effective feature extraction tool for process monitoring. However, the conventional ICA-based process monitoring methods usually adopt noise-free ICA models and thus may perform unsatisfactorily(More)
A kernel independent component analysis (KICA) is widely regarded as an effective approach for nonlinear and non-Gaussian process monitoring. However, the KICA-based monitoring methods treat every KIC equally and cannot highlight the useful KICs associated with fault information. Consequently, fault information may not be explored effectively, which may(More)
Keywords: Fault detection Independent component analysis Mixing matrix Measurement noise Time-delayed covariance matrices Kurtosis a b s t r a c t Fast independent component analysis (FastICA) is an efficient feature extraction tool widely used for process fault detection. However, the conventional FastICA-based fault detection method does not consider the(More)
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