Liane Will

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Forty-one patients who elected to receive a bilateral sagittal osteotomy to advance the mandible were examined clinically and radiographically to assess condylar position preoperatively and at three specific times postoperatively. Parameters designed to measure changes in condylar and distal fragment position were located on tracings and digitized for(More)
  • Liane Will
  • 2011
A big advantage of SOA based technologies is the opportunity to react to changing environments with the help of service exchange and reusability. Service providers emphasize these functional properties of their products and this flexibility is especially helpful for adapting existing business solutions to new requirements. However, what does this mean for(More)
Relapse continues to be a potential problem with use of the sagittal split osteotomy to advance the mandible. In an effort to isolate predictive factors, the records of 235 patients were analyzed to determine the pretreatment facial morphology, the amount of advancement, the amount of relapse, and the duration of relapse. No relationship was found between(More)
Seventy-nine chick embryos were examined by light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to determine the mechanism of primary palatal development. Fusion between two discrete processes, the medial nasal and maxillary prominences, was found to be necessary for formation of a complete primary palate. This was one component of a three-stage process that(More)
Efficient, controlled, and managed IT operations are strongly influenced by the architecture of a solution. A service-oriented architecture has a high flexibility and can respond to environmental changes and requirements by adapting the service orchestration. To take advantage of this flexibility in SOA, the traditional operations system oriented approach(More)
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