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The study and prediction of kinase function (kinomics) is of major importance for proteome research due to the widespread distribution of kinases. However, the prediction of protein function based on the similarity between a functionally annotated 3D template and a query structure may fail, for instance, if a similar protein structure cannot be identified.(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) protein structures now frequently lack functional annotations because of the increase in the rate at which chemical structures are solved with respect to experimental knowledge of biological activity. As a result, predicting structure-function relationships for proteins is an active research field in computational chemistry and has(More)
Adenosine regulates tissue function by activating four G-protein-coupled adenosine receptors (ARs). Selective agonists and antagonists for $$\hbox {A}_{3}$$ A 3 ARs have been investigated for the treatment of a variety of immune disorders, cancer, brain, and heart ischemic conditions. We herein present a QSAR study based on a Topological sub-structural(More)
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