Liane Reif-Lehrer

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Cortisol can prematurely induce glutamine synthetase activity in the chick embryo retina. Under appropriate conditions, this effect can be enhanced by addition of low levels of actinomycin D; this enhancement is reversibly inhibited by cycloheximide. The magnitude of the effect is a function of time of exposure to hormone as well as antibiotic and is also a(More)
The glutamate analogue, alpha-aminoadipate (alpha AA), was administered in the DL-, D-, and L-forms to chick embryo retinas in vitro. Two-hour incubation of retinas, with each form of alpha AA, resulted in glial swelling of progressive severity as the concentration of the adipate increased. Damage was most severe with the L-isomer, which produced a mixed(More)
Development of glutamine synthetase (GS) activity in the chick embryo retina has proved to be a useful system for studying control mechanisms in animal cells (6, 12, 2, 21) . The enzyme activity rises rapidly late in embryonic development (16) and can be induced prematurely both in culture and in ovo by a variety of steroids (10, 11, 7) . Piddington and(More)