Liane M Moreau

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We report the discovery of unintentional phosphorus (P) doping when tri-n-octylphosphine (TOP) ligands are used in Ni nanoparticle synthesis, which is the most common method for monodisperse Ni nanoparticle synthesis. The nanoparticles appear pure face-centered cubic (fcc) Ni in X-ray diffraction despite the surprisingly high level (5 atomic %) of P. We(More)
Solutions at high salt concentrations are used to crystallize or segregate charged colloids, including proteins and polyelectrolytes via a complex mechanism referred to as "salting-out". Here, we combine small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, and liquid-state theory to show that salting-out is a long-range interaction,(More)
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