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Ideally, definitions induced from examples should consist of al l , and only, disjuncts that are meaningful (e.g., as measured by a statistical significance test) and have a low error rate. Exist ing inductive systems create definitions that are ideal wi th regard to large disjuncts, but far from ideal wi th regard to small disjuncts, where a small (large)(More)
Viewpoints are coherent collections of facts that describe a concept from a particular perspective. They are essential for a wide variety of tasks, such as explanation generation and qualitative model-ing. We have identiied many types of viewpoints and developed a program, the View Retriever, for extracting them from knowledge bases, either singly or in(More)
We describe a notation system for diagramming behavioral contingencies. The system is descriptive. Stimulus functions are not represented with special symbols, such as S(R), S(D), or UCS, but are simply described in terms of the relation between behavior and stimulus change, and the resulting outcome. The system is atheoretical, self-explanatory, and easy(More)
Classification and Association rule mining are two basic tasks of Data Mining. Classification rules mining finds rules that partition the data into disjoint sets. This paper is based on MrCAR (Multi-relational Classification Algorithm) and Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) approach. SOM is a class of typical artificial neural networks (ANN) with(More)
Ideally de nitions induced from examples should consist of all and only disjuncts that are meaningful e g as measured by a statistical signi cance test and have a low error rate Existing inductive systems create de nitions that are ideal with regard to large disjuncts but far from ideal with regard to small disjuncts where a small large disjunct is one that(More)