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Various eeects of disease caused death on the host population is studied in an epidemic model of SIR type. The exponential rate for natural birth and death is assumed to be equal so that the total population is balanced in the absence of the disease. The model has the surprising feature that it requires a simple mathematical analysis while revealing(More)
An anionic surfactant interacts strongly with a polymer molecule to form a self-assembled structure, due to the attractive force of the hydrophobic association and electrostatic repulsion. In this crystallization medium, the surfactant-stabilized inorganic particles adsorbed on the polymer chains, as well as the bridging effect of polymer molecules,(More)
Calcium dodecyl sulfate (CDS) was used for the first time both as an anionic surfactant and as the source of mineral ions in the precipitation process of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The simple reaction of the enriched Ca2+ ions at the so-called organic-inorganic interfaces with the slowly bubbled CO2 gas resulted in the metastable vaterite polymorph with(More)
Peapods present a model system for studying the properties of dimensionally constrained crystal structures, whose dynamical properties are very important. We have recently studied the rotational dynamics of C(60) molecules confined inside single walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) by analyzing the intermediate frequency mode lattice vibrations using near-infrared(More)
BACKGROUND More efficient clinical indexes are needed to identify older people most likely to present mobility impairments. The aim of the present study was to determine which handgrip strength (HS) indexes are clinically relevant to detect risk of mobility limitation in the elderly adults. In addition, we attempted to determine an optimal cutoff point for(More)
BACKGROUND Sarcopenia is a common condition in older people. The aim of the present study was to examine the prevalence and factors associated with sarcopenia in an elderly Chinese suburb-dwelling population. METHODS This study was conducted on 1,069 Chinese suburb-dwelling participants aged ≥60 years to evaluate sarcopenia using the Asian Working Group(More)
In order to prepare a lightweight and efficient microwave absorbent, porous activated carbon balls (PACB) were used to load Fe(3+) and Co(2+) ions, because the PACB carrier has a high specific surface area of 800 m(2) g(-1) and abundant pores, including micropores and macropores. The loaded Fe(3+) and Co(2+) ions in the PACB composite were transformed into(More)
The search for the stable single-bonded (polymeric) solid nitrogen attracted much attention in view of its potential application as a high energy density material. In this study, the stability of different candidate polymeric structures of nitrogen has been studied using ab initio calculations based on density-functional theory for the first time, from the(More)
The electrical characteristics of metallization contacts to flat (F-sample, without wet-etching roughed) and wet-etching roughed (R-sample) N-polar (Nitrogen-polar) n-GaN have been investigated. R-sample shows higher contact resistance (Rc) to Al/Ti/Au (~2.5 × 10(-5) Ω·cm(2)) and higher Schottky barriers height (SBH, ~0.386 eV) to Ni/Au, compared with that(More)