Lianbin Xu

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Catalysts for methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) are at the heart of key green-energy fuel cell technology. Nanostructured Pt materials are the most popular and effective catalysts for MOR. Controlling the morphology and structure of Pt nanomaterials can provide opportunities to greatly increase their activity and stability. Ordered nanoporous Pt nanowires(More)
Intermittent hydrothermal treatment was introduced into the synthesis of SAPO-34 molecular sieves to control the nucleation and the growth in the crystallization. The effect of the crystallization time, the order of long-time and short-time crystallization in two-stage crystallization, and frequency in multi-stage crystallization on synthesis,(More)
Controlling the wettability of a solid surface is important for myriad applications, ranging from self-cleaning surfaces to microfluidics to biomedicine. Recently, a variety of smart surfaces with reversibly switchable wettability have been developed. The reversible switching is realized through the adjustment of electrical potential, temperature, 8] and(More)
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