Liana Kuznetzova

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This review discusses the pathogenic role of autoantibodies (autoAB) to excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters glutamate, GABA and their receptors in the pathogenesis of epilepsy. The data of clinical and experimental studies show that glutamate AMPA and NMDA- receptors autoAB and GABA receptors autoAB in high titers are highly pathogenic, causing a(More)
In experiments on mice C57Bl/6 was studied effects of citicoline (500 mg/kg, i.p.) on development of chronically epileptization of the brain--pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) kindling (30 mg/kg PTZ, i.p. during 24 days) and on acute generalized seizures (i.v., 1% solution of PTZ with the speed of 0.01 ml/s). It was shown that daily injection of citicoline an hour(More)
This review presents summarizes data on the structural and functional organization of the GABAergic system of the brain, mechanisms of GABAergic transmission, about the characteristics of GABA-receptors and GABAergic inhibition forms. Reviewed issues of involvement of GABA inhibitory neurotransmitter and various types of GABA-receptors in epileptogenesis.(More)
Nine traditional Healers, 12 of their Patients, 11 Healer Simulators, and 20 Patient Controls participated in a study to examine a variety of physiological concomitants of the “laying-on of hands.” Focused ultrasound was used to obtain participants’ tactile-sensitivity thresholds. Tactile thresholds were re-examined: (1) after healing interactions (Healers,(More)
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