Lian-ying Xu

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By comparing the drug distribution of breviscapine administered intranasally, orally and intrgvenous injected in rats' brain. After 0.4 mg x kg(-1) breviscapine was given by tail vein, intranasal and gastric perfusion administration to SD rats, cerebrospinal fluid was obtained by erebellomedllery cisternal puncture at different times. 125I labeling was used(More)
Nobiliside A (Nob A) liposomes were prepared. Its assay method of content and encapsulation efficiency (EE) were established, and hemolytic activity with Nob A solution in vivo and in vitro were compared. Preparative method, phospholipid content, ratio of phospholipid to cholesterol and ratio of drug to lipids were optimized by single factor exploration.(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore pharmacokinetic features of puerarin in pueraria spray and calculate pharmacokinetic parameters according to puerarin of drug-time curve in rabbits. METHODS The concentration of puerarin in plamsa was determined by HPLC. The methanol was used to sediment protine. The 3P87 program was used to calculate the pharmacokinetic parameters.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate colon targeting characteristic of Kuikang colon targeted pellets (KCP) with determination of residual baicalin and baicalein concentration in gastrointestinal tract (GIT). METHOD The baicalin and baicalein were assayed by HPLC. The recovery differences of the drug between KCP and conventional pellets from GIT were investigated, three(More)
OBJECTIVE To set up the method for purification of paeoniflorin by HPD100 macroporous resin. METHODS With the adsorption ration and desorption rate of paeoniflorin as the evaluating quotas, the single factor test, orhogonal experimental designs and variance analysis were applied to optimize the manipulation parameters of macrporous resin. RESULTS The(More)
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