Lian-fang Yang

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Stream macro-invertebrate assemblages were collected from 64 stream sites in Xitiaoxi Stream, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China. Thirty-six candidate metrics were evaluated stepwise by distributing range analysis, discriminatory power analysis, and Pearson's correlation analysis. The B-IBI was composed of seven metrics: total taxa, EPT taxa, Coleoptera(More)
Four new species and 2 new records of the genus Polyplectropus Ulmer from China are described and illustrated. The new species include Polyplectropus cubitalis Zhong and Yang sp. nov., from Guizhou, Polyplectropus subteres Zhong and Yang sp. nov., from Jiangxi and Zhejiang, Polyplectropus tridentatus Zhong and Morse sp. nov., from Guangxi, and(More)
Currently, 8 species of the genus Nyctiophylax Brauer are known from China. Examination of material collected from Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Sichuan Provinces during 2004-2005 has revealed 4 new species and 2 new records of this genus, bringing the number of Chinese Nyctiophylax species to 14. Newly described species include: Nyctiophylax(More)
Four new species of genus Plectrocnemia and 4 new species of genus Nyctiophylax are described, namely: Plectrocnemia verticalissp. n.; Plectrocnemia acuminatasp. n.; Plectrocnemia cryptoparameresp. n.; Plectrocnemia qianshanensissp. n.; Nyctiophylax (Nyctiophylax) senticosussp. n.; Nyctiophylax (Paranyctiophylax) gracilissp. n.; Nyctiophylax(More)
Five new species of hydroptilids in four genera are described from China, including three new species in Hydroptilinae: Agraylea dactylina n. sp., Allotrichia rhynchophyllum n. sp., and Microptila hamatilis n. sp.; and two new species in Stactobiinae: Stactobiella mutica n. sp. and Stactobiella parallelica n. sp. New records are given for Stactobiella(More)
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