Lian-Xuan Shi

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Knowledge on variations in stomata is useful in reflecting leaf physiological characteristics of CO2 uptake and water transpiration, and predicting the responses of plants to future climate change. Stomatal density and number of stomatal rows (current-year, 1- and 2-year-old needles) in relation to tree age (ranging from 25 to 320 years old), elevation(More)
Knowledge of soil respiration and photosynthesis under elevated CO(2) is crucial for exactly understanding and predicting the carbon balance in forest ecosystems in a rapid CO(2)-enriched world. Quercus mongolica Fischer ex Ledebour seedlings were planted in open-top chambers exposed to elevated CO(2) (EC = 500 µmol mol(-1)) and ambient CO(2) (AC = 370 µmol(More)
It has been well demonstrated that plant growth regulators have important functions in multiple physiological processes. ABA and BR play crucial roles in response of crops to stresses. Photosynthetic capacity of Leymus. chinensis treated by various concentrations of ABA and BR in combination was determined. Further more, the mechanisms of ABA and BR(More)
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