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A Novel Wheel-Leg-Track Complex Mobile Mechanism and Its Stability Analysis
It is demonstrated by analyzing the robot mechanism and its stability that the structure design is feasible and has good stability.
Design of PID Controller Based on RBF Neural Network
Radial basis function neural network is optimized based on gradient descent algorithm, and its model is constructed, then the M language program is written and can effectively solve parameter adjustment difficulties in classic PID control method.
A 12-Puls Rectifier With an Auxiliary Circuit
One of the problems of the most diode rectifiers is that they include large harmonic contents in its input current. A 12-pulse diode rectifier with an auxiliary voltage circuit is proposed. The
Research on Speed Sensor-less DTC System of Genetic Neural Network
The speed of induction motor was acquired using neural network speed sensor-less constructed from the flux equation and stator voltage equation using the genetic algorithm.
Research on Hybrid Full-Bridge Three-Level Converter Based on UC3875
A hybrid full-bridge three-level converter based on UC3875 is studied in this paper which could reduce switch voltage stress,actualize ZVS in a wide range of load by utilizing parasitic capacitance
Introduction of Optocoupler ACPL-332J
The work process and design points in the circuits of the frequency inverter are given in detail and the advantages and main features are analyzed.
Multi-Carrier PWM Method of Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter
Multi-carrier PWM method of flying capacitor multilevel inverter is analyzed and Carrier phase-shift modulation scheme is optimal.Its performance is greatly improved than that of other multi-carrier
The design of monitoring and controlling system of three-dimensional warehouse based on winCC
The monitoring system is designed based on Siemens' configuration software,WinCC and runs smoothly, so the design is reasonable and the software is easy to use and upgrade.
Research on New Five-axis Linkage CNC Systems
The overall structure of the new five-axis CNC system is introduced, the RTCP functions are expatiated and also the kinematics transformation based on quaternion are carried out.
Framework design of service oriented offshore real time data system
A service- oriented architecture based on cloud architecture is proposed, and the data is stored, processed, analyzed and integrated by the method of cloud computing and the system is implemented in the field.