Lian Wen Zhang

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Two-phase forced convective flow in microchannels is promising for the cooling of integrated circuits. There has been limited research on boiling flow in channels with dimensions below 100 m, in which bubble formation and flow regimes can differ from those in larger channels. This work develops single and multichannel experimental structures using(More)
The increasing heat generation rates in VLSI circuits motivate research on compact cooling technologies with low thermal resistance. This paper develops a closed-loop two-phase microchannel cooling system using electroosmotic pumping for the working fluid. The design, fabrication, and open-loop performance of the heat exchanger and pump are summarized. The(More)
This paper discusses a at distributed search system in which selecting the relevant servers to a given query becomes diicult due to the lack of global knowledge at each server. To ensure the quality of the query results, Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) are set up for the query terms among all the autonomous search servers in the system. A new server(More)
Two-phase flows in micro-geometries have received increasing attention in recent years for cooling of electronic devices. However, due to the constraints imposed by the geometry, metrology for liquid-vapor flows in MEMS devices is limited primarily to wall temperature distributions and inlet and exit pressures. New experimental techniques need to be(More)
Research results have identified the use of heat pipe heat exchangers (HPHXs) for heat recovery as a way to reduce the pre-cooling and re-heating energy. This paper suggests decoupling dehumidification from cooling to reduce energy consumption. The feasible usage and the energy saving potential of heat pipe heat exchanger at the air handler dedicated in(More)
Finger vein biometric have been recognized as the most effective and promising recognition method due to its accuracy and security. This paper discusses a method for finger vein image features extraction using 2-D Rotated Wavelet Filters (RWF) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) jointly. A set of 2-D RWF filters improves characterization of diagonally(More)
According to FCNT probe manufacture technology, it adopts Micro Electronic Mechanical system (MEMS) [1] (refer to Figure 1) and electrophoresis technology [2] [3] (refer to Figure 2) to let CNT attach to the front edge of cantilever beam and in the front of the tip (refer to Figure 3). In doing this, we can use the FCNT to approach the sample quickly and(More)
After almost 20 years of intensive research on magnetocaloric effects near room temperature, magnetic refrigeration with first-order magnetocaloric materials has come close to real-life applications. Many materials have been discussed as potential candidates to be used in multicaloric devices. However, phase transitions in ferroic materials are often(More)
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