Lian Taljaard

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A total of 375 lactic acid bacteria were isolated from fermenting cassava in South Africa, Benin, Kenya and Germany, and were characterised by phenotypic and genotypic tests. These could be divided into five main groups comprising strains of facultatively heterofermentative rods, obligately heterofermentative rods, heterofermentative cocci, homofermentative(More)
While there is mounting evidence of abnormal reactivity of several brain regions in social anxiety disorder, and disrupted functional connectivity between these regions at rest, relatively little is known regarding resting regional neural activity in these structures, or how such activity is affected by pharmacotherapy. Using(More)
The Helen Joseph Hospital, a government regional hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, became aware of patient non-adherence issues at their specialist psychiatric outpatient department. In partnership with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), Africa's largest support network and advocacy group for people affected by mental health(More)
The dental needs of a heterogeneous South African community are not being fully met because the majority of the already deficient dentist population is in private practice, mostly in urban areas, where they are rendering services to a small minority of the population who can afford comprehensive dental care. Contrary to public health services in general,(More)
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