Lian-Jie Huang

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Observations of seismic waves from earthquakes at depths between 100 and 200 km beneath Japan show that the initial portion of the S-wave arrival has greater duration than can be accounted for by earthquake source-time duration. The observed long duration of S waves has been explained as being caused by multiple forward scattering around the ray path(More)
We designed and implemented an algorithm on the T3D Massively Parallel Processors (MPP) to demonstrate the efficiency of the phase-screen migration method by migrating common-shot gathers in 3-D heterogeneous media. The algorithm was designed to accommodate the hardware architecture on the T3D MPP system. All macroarchitecture characteristics of the MPP(More)
To improve the resolution and image quality of the SFDT (SingleFrequency Diffraction Tomography), a special fast multi-frequency imaging method: Multi-Frequency Backscattering Tomography (MFBT) is introduced in this paper. The method uses only the backscattered waves (after plane wave decomposition) while maintaining the merit of multi-frequency method. The(More)
The object of this project is aimed at development and application of a new 3D wave propagation and modeling method in complex heterogeneous media using one-way wave approximation to study many outstanding problems of regional wave propagation in the context of nuclear test monitoring. The great advantages of one-way propagation methods are the fast speed(More)
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