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BACKGROUND To compare combined and sequential hormonal replacement therapies to each other as well as placebo in patients suffering from the postmenopausal syndrome. Clinical outcomes were measured concerning both the specific postmenopausal symptoms (using the Kupperman scale) and health or well-being dimensions (using subscales of the General Health(More)
Current regimens of sequential hormone replacement therapy are based on data that show a protective effect on the endometrium of at least 10 days of progestagen. In clinical practice, onset of bleeding on or after day 11 of the progestagen phase is taken as reassurance of a normal endometrium. 413 postmenopausal women taking oestrogen-progestagen hormone(More)
BACKGROUND Endometrial cancer risk factors include adult obesity and taller stature, but the influence of size earlier in life is incompletely understood. We examined whether childhood body mass index (BMI; kg m(-2)) and height were associated with histologic subtypes of endometrial cancer. METHODS From the Copenhagen School Health Records Register, 155(More)
Previously, we found that excess weight already in childhood has positive associations with endometrial cancer; however, associations with changes in body mass index (BMI) during childhood are not well understood. Therefore, we examined whether growth in childhood BMI is associated with endometrial cancer and its sub-types. A cohort of 155,505 girls from(More)
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