Lian Feng

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Harmful algal blooms depend on several factors linked to climate and catchment conditions. Blooms can show significant daily, monthly, seasonal, inter-annual variability as well as horizontal variation in a lake. In the present study, we use satellite data to explore the sensitivity of different sections of a large eutrophic lake (Lake Taihu) to climate and(More)
The anterograde intraflagellar transport motor protein, kif3a, regulates the integrity of primary cilia and various cellular functions, however, the role of kif3a in dental mesenchymal stem/precursor cell differentiation remains to be fully elucidated. In the present study, the expression of kif3a was knocked down in human dental follicle cells (hDFCs) and(More)
WFV (Wide Field of View) cameras on-board Gaofen-1 satellite (gaofen means high resolution) provide unparalleled global observations with both high spatial and high temporal resolutions. However, the accuracy of the radiometric calibration remains unknown. Using an improved cross calibration method, the WFV cameras were re-calibrated with well-calibrated(More)
Stem cell implantation has been utilized for the repair of spinal cord injury; however, it shows unsatisfactory performance in repairing large scale lesion of an organ. We hypothesized that dental follicle cells (DFCs), which possess multipotential capability, could reconstruct spinal cord defect (SCD) in combination with biomaterials. In the present study,(More)
A new empirical Chl-a algorithm has been developed and validated for the largest freshwater lake of China (Poyang Lake) using a normalized green-red difference index (NGRDI), where the uncertainty was estimated to be <45% for Chl-a ranging between 1.3 and 10.5 mg·m −3. The combined approach of using the NGRDI algorithm and atmospherically-corrected Medium(More)
The transcription factor Nfic is a key regulator during tooth development. Nfic deficient mice exhibit short and abnormal molar roots and severely deformed incisors. Dental epithelial cells, known as Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath (HERS), participate in root formation. However, whether Nfic is involved in HERS–mesenchyme interaction remains unclear. In(More)
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