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Detection and correction of cycle slip is one of key problems of GPS carrier phase measurement in the GPS data processing. In this paper, it takes the carrier phase observation data of L1 as the research object on the platform of MATLAB making an advanced study for detection and correction of cycle slip. It brought forward a combinational algorithm that(More)
Based on the background that vehicle monitoring system had urgent necessity recently, the paper put forward a overall scheme of vehicle monitoring system combining with Global Positioning System (GPS), Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and Geographical Information System (GIS), introduced the key technologies of this monitoring center software,(More)
The paper decoded the positioning data, received with GPS & GLONASS receiver of 24 channels (GG24 receiver), to get the orbit parameters of GLONASS satellites at first, and then took these data as initial value for the 4-order Runge-Kutta to orbit extrapolation and compared the extrapolation position with the position in broadcast ephemeris of(More)
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