Lian Chao

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Mutations in the human PAX6 gene produce various phenotypes, including aniridia, Peters' anomaly, autosomal dominant keratitis and familial foveal dysplasia. The various phenotypes may arise from different mutations in the same gene. To test this theory, we performed a functional analysis of two missense mutations in the paired domain: the R26G mutation,(More)
PAX6 functions as a transcription factor and has two DNA-binding domains, a paired domain (PD) and a homeodomain (HD), joined by a glycine-rich linker and followed by a proline-serine-threonine-rich (PST) transactivation region at the C terminus. The mechanism of PAX6 function is not clearly understood, and few target genes in vertebrates have been(More)
Web services are a new breed of Web applications. As the services published on Internet expand exponentially, finding them becomes more and more time-consuming. UDDI v2 has added a new feature, publisherAssersion, to express the relation between business entities in a UDDI repository center just like a hyperlink between Web pages. Thus, a Web service graph(More)
Wilms' tumour (WT), a paediatric renal neoplasm, affect approximately 1 in 10,000 children. One or both kidneys can be affected and 5-10% of tumours are bilateral. Most tumours occur sporadically; however, around 1% of the cases are familial, with siblings or cousins most often being affected. Familial cases are more frequently bilateral, and familial and(More)
Power transformer in grid is of vital importance to guarantee safe operation of the power system. Nowadays dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is recognized as an effective method for detecting the initial fault of power transformer. Support vector machine (SVM) with Structure Risk Minimization (SRM) is powerful for the problem with small sampling, nonlinear and(More)
As the number of Web services grows exponentially, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of services discovery. The WSG-based service discovery method uses semantic relationships among Web services to discover a composite service as a whole. It has been shown from the existing simulated experiments that the method can largely improve Web service(More)
Support organization is set of equipment support institution in wartime and peacetime, has a crucial contribution to come into being the battle effectiveness. The information flows in support organization structure include management information flow, spares information flow and information flow of fault parts. The order degree of information flow can(More)
UDDI registration center provides a set of management mechanism for Web services providers to publish their Web service and for Web service consumers to inquire what they needs. It solves the problem of Web service description, discovery and Integration. Web services graph is the semantic index established on the UDDI registration center according to the(More)
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