Liam T Seery

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We examined c-erbB3 and c-erbB4 mRNA expression in 47 primary breast cancer samples by simultaneous RT–PCR and have investigated correlations between these parameters and the expression of both ER and EGFR mRNA and protein as measured by RT–PCR and ICA and with Ki67 immunostaining. A direct association was found between c-erbB3 and c-erbB4 mRNA and ER(More)
TENB2 encodes a putative transmembrane proteoglycan, related to the EGF/heregulin family of growth factors and follistatin, which has been identified through the application of a differential display technique to a xenograft model of prostate cancer. Northern analysis and competitive PCR were used to demonstrate significantly increased TENB2 expression (p =(More)
The role of BRCA1 in progression of sporadic breast cancers has to date been equivocal, although preliminary studies on small numbers of samples have suggested an association between expression levels of this gene and acquisition of an invasive phenotype. We have further reasoned that loss of oestrogen receptor positivity may have a detrimental effect on(More)
The appreciation of the role of apoptosis in the vast majority of diseases affecting humans has revolutionized the discovery and development of drugs targeting inflammation and oncology. Novel therapeutic approaches to modulate disease by regulating apoptosis are currently being tested in preclinical and clinical settings. Enthusiasm for some of these(More)
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