Liam O'Carroll

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We prove that Welch-constructed Costas arrays are in general not symmetric and that the Golomb-constructed ones are symmetric in two cases only, namely the Lem-pel one and a (rare) second one leading to the construction of dense Golomb rulers. Finally, we look into the (hard) problem of the number of fixed points of a Welch-constructed Costas array and(More)
We study the degree of nonhomogeneous lattice ideals over arbitrary fields, and give formulas to compute the degree in terms of the torsion of certain factor groups of Z s and in terms of relative volumes of lattice polytopes. We also study primary decompositions of lattice ideals over an arbitrary field using the Eisenbud–Sturmfels theory of binomial(More)
The main part of the theory of residuated groupoids has been technical and the results apparently diverse in nature. However P. Dubreil and R. Croisot [5], using the concepts of residuated and residual maps, were able to present the basic properties of residuals in a simple unified manner. R. Croisot [3] carried on this study. In this paper we build a(More)
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