Liam Kiemele

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This paper presents a revamping of a sparse linear algebra design pattern, targeting parallelization within scientific and engineering applications. A proof of concept implementation is developed to compare actual software practices and optimizations with those described in the original design pattern. The case study reveals that the design pattern did not(More)
Programming language support for multi-core architectures introduces a fundamentally new mechanism for modularity---a <i>kernel</i>. Though it can be used as a means to separate concerns, a kernel is given a clean slate of memory at execution time. As a consequence, application developers attempting to leverage libraries of kernels often incur substantial(More)
In this paper we propose a re-thinking of ICT infrastructure to include a framework that exploits commodity many-core systems to evaluate models. The framework permits comparison, evaluation and improvement of competing and complementary models. Our proposal focuses on the computationally intensive tasks associated with near-field parallelism to process(More)
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