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BACKGROUND Northern Ireland has a high and rising prevalence rate of multiple sclerosis (MS). The most recent survey in 1996 found a rate of 168.7/100 000. Recorded prevalence rates for the south of Ireland, including County Wexford, have been markedly lower and seemed to suggest the existence of a prevalence gradient within the island. OBJECTIVES To(More)
A screening survey was conducted among factory workers, aged 15-64 years, in Birmingham, England to investigate ethnic differences in blood pressure. One-thousand and forty-nine subjects (784 men, 265 women) were screened, representing 79% of the eligible population. Mean systolic and diastolic blood pressures generally did not differ between men of black(More)
Liver-function data were compared in 158 unselected hypertensives and 105 normotensives aged 45-64 years. Serum concentrations of alanine and aspartate aminotransferase (S.G.O.T. and S.G.P.T.) were higher, and more often raised, in the hypertensive patients. Serum bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase concentrations were similar in both groups. In hypertensive(More)
Blood pressure, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and plasma levels of cortisol, aldosterone and renin activity and serum dopamine beta-hydroxylase concentrations were measured in 65 alcoholics on the first and fourth days after admission for detoxification. On the day after admission blood pressure was elevated (greater than 140/90 mmHg) in 32 patients (49%) and(More)
Factory workers aged 16-64 years were screened for ethnic differences in blood pressure. The 78% response rate was evenly spread between whites (439 men; 164 women), black West Indians (173 men; 101 women) and Asians (172 men). Mean systolic and diastolic pressures by age decade in men were similar in all three groups, but there was a modest excess of both(More)
Four-hundred and twenty-eight school leavers of 3 ethnic groups (white, black and Asian) were screened for blood pressure, resting pulse rate and general anthropometric characteristics. Asian pupils were both shorter and lighter than the other two groups whilst black males were heavier and taller. There was no significant difference in the mean systolic or(More)
Sixty-five alcoholic patients admitted for detoxification had blood pressure, withdrawal symptoms, plasma cortisol (PC) and plasma aldosterone (PA) levels, plasma renin activity (PRA), and serum dopamine beta-hydroxylase (DBH) levels measured on the first and fourth days after admission. On the morning after admission blood pressure was elevated (greater(More)