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Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a severe and lethal condition, is caused by the absence of muscle dystrophin. Therapeutic trials aiming at the amelioration of muscle function have been targeting the production of muscle dystrophin in affected Duchenne patients. However, how much dystrophin is required to rescue the DMD phenotype remains an open question.(More)
Helpful comments and suggestions were provided by two anonymous reviewers. Abstract The objective of this article is to analyze the domestic and international effects of a hypothetical foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the Mexican cattle industry. A discrete time dynamic optimization model of the Mexican cattle sector is specified, and linked to domestic(More)
We develop a temporal and spatial partial equilibrium model to evaluate the welfare impact of new technology on the apple industry to control fire blight. We show significant benefits of GM technology relative to conventional methods and other new methods such as microencapsulation of biological agents. We also show that the cost-reduction benefits of the(More)
Two rounds of food price increases in the past two years have generated a significant amount of economic research reporting the welfare effects of the price increases. Most reported research assumes constant demand or approximates second order substitution effects. Poverty forecasts with these assumptions may overestimate or underestimate the effect of food(More)
Advisor: Azzeddine Azzam Coca leaf is the primary input in cocaine production. Colombia is among the three largest coca producers and is the world's main supplier of cocaine. This thesis examines the interplay between the policies for controlling coca supply in Colombia: eradication (aerial spraying of coca) and a price support for alternative crops (coffee(More)
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