Lia A. Ghirardelli

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This paper describes changes in leaf water status and in stem, petiole and leaf blade hydraulics preceding leaf senescence and shedding in Castanea sativa L. (chestnut). Measurements of maximum diurnal leaf conductance to water vapour (gL), minimum water potential (ψL), hydraulic conductance per unit leaf surface area of stems (KSL), petioles (KPL) and leaf(More)
The mining of leaves of Aesculus hippocastanum caused by the larvae of Cameraria ohridella leads to precocious defoliation of trees. Damage to plant productivity was estimated in terms of the photosynthetic performance as well as of leaf water relations and hydraulics of increasingly mined leaves from infested plants in comparison with the same variables(More)
The medullary tissues of potato tubers affected by rust spot were embedded in resin, sectioned and stained for optical and electron microscopy. Under the optical microscope, the damaged zones were seen to have thickened and suberized cell walls, with cells partially or totally lacking starch. These features were confirmed by electron microscopy which(More)
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