LiYing Sun

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This paper studies the stabilization and H ∞ control of a class of nonlinear Hamiltonian descriptor systems. Firstly, based on the structural characteristic of the nonlinear Hamiltonian descriptor system, an equivalent nonlinear dissipative Hamiltonian differential-algebraic system is obtained by using restricted system equivalent theory. With the(More)
This paper studies simultaneous stabilization of a class of nonlinear descriptor systems via the Hamiltonian function method. Firstly, based on the Hamiltonian realization of the nonlinear descriptor systems and a suitable output feedback, two nonlinear descriptor systems are equivalently transformed into two nonlinear Hamiltonian differential-algebraic(More)
This paper studies the control design problem for a class of affine nonlinear descriptor systems with actuator saturation, and presents several new results. A stabilization controller design method is first proposed by state feedback and compensation, and a robust H∞ controller and a robust adaptive H∞ controller are respectively designed for the discussed(More)
This paper studies the stabilization, L<inf>2</inf>-disturbance attenuation control and adaptive L<inf>2</inf>-disturbance attenuation control of a class of nonlinear descriptor systems, and presents a number of new results on the control designs. First, under a suitable state feedback, two sufficient conditions of impulse-free are given for the resulted(More)
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