LiPeng Bi

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Hepatic VLDL overproduction is a characteristic feature of diabetes and an important contributor to diabetic dyslipidemia. Hepatic sortilin 1 (Sort1), a cellular trafficking receptor, is a novel regulator of plasma lipid metabolism and reduces plasma cholesterol and triglycerides by inhibiting hepatic apolipoprotein B production. Elevated circulating free(More)
The widespread clinical success with most gallium compounds in cancer therapy is markedly hampered by lack of tumor specific accumulation, poor tumor permeability and undesirable toxicity to healthy tissues. The aim of this work was to investigate for the first time antitumor mechanism of a new gallium compound (gallium acetylacetonate; GaAcAc) while(More)
Docetaxel is a potent anticancer agent that will benefit greatly from alternative delivery systems that can overcome several reported adverse effects due to the drug itself and/or the solvent system in the current clinical formulation. In this regard, a new nanoparticle delivery system for docetaxel was prepared from Gelucire-based nanoemulsions by using(More)
Background Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiologic agent of Chagas disease , infects a variety of wild mammals in the southern United States, but it has only recently been isolated from raccoons trapped in the state of Kentucky. The purpose of the present study was to use a molecular typing approach [1,2], followed by DNA sequencing to determine the genotypes(More)
Obesity and diabetes are associated with hepatic triglyceride overproduction and hypertriglyceridemia. Recent studies have found that the cellular trafficking receptor sortilin 1 (Sort1) inhibits hepatic apolipoprotein B secretion and reduces plasma lipid levels in mice, and its hepatic expression was negatively associated with plasma lipids in humans. This(More)
The protective effects of synthetic lung surfactant Exosurf® (containing cetyl alcohol) against endotoxin-induced inflammation have been demonstrated in the literature. Thus, it is envisioned that nanoparticles loaded with quercetin (Q-NPs) prepared with binary mixtures of cetyl alcohol (CA) and Gelucire 44/14® (gelucire) as matrix materials will be capable(More)
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