Li-zheng Jiang

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This paper proposes the complete QoS (quality of service) architecture for integration of space network with infrastructure networks. The technology, service differentiation mechanisms, network control mechanisms and user-to-networks mechanisms are discussed. The modules required in the network elements and its integration to provide end-to-end QoS in Space(More)
The design and development of future ground-space integrated networks is one of the hot issues in space technology nowadays because of the long-link delay, high bit-error-rate, asymmetric bandwidth, intermittent links compare with the terrestrial networks. The focus of this paper is to design topology for this hybrid networks with space segments, select(More)
Space network are now become a very important and necessary complementary to the ground networks, it will extend the terrestrial Internet networks to space. However, there are still many challenges exist before the space-ground integrated networks come true, and how to transport data reliably in space networks is the very difficult one among these(More)
There are several different features of satellites network compared to ground networks, such as long time delay, large bandwidth delay production (BDP), high error rate, intermittent and asymmetric links, etc. There are abundant research results indicated that it will reduce its performance and waste precious network resource if apply the traditional TCP in(More)
To integrate the space network with the ground network is the uptrend of the future communications, and geostationary satellites are very important nodes in the hybrid networks in which the reliable data transportation is critical. Based on this point, the paper designs the GEO satellite network topology that integrate the LEO network, MEO networks and GEO(More)
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