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AIM This paper reports a study examining the effects of preoperative nursing intervention for pain on abdominal surgery preoperative anxiety and attitude to pain, and postoperative pain. METHOD In a randomized controlled study conducted between January and August 2001, patients undergoing abdominal surgery in a medical center in southern Taiwan were(More)
AIM This study set out to explore whether a teaching programme developed and delivered by medical students yielded an improvement of attendees' examination performance or their experience of preparing for the target assessment. METHODS Over 4 years all students were invited to consent to use of their official examination data. Students were ranked for(More)
BACKGROUND Health-promoting behavior is an important strategy to maintain and enhance health of patients with Type 2 diabetes. Few instruments have been developed to measure health promotion self-care behavior of patients with Type 2 diabetes. PURPOSE Developing and psychometric testing of the Chinese version of the Diabetes Health Promotion Self-Care(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) have emerged as anti-inflammatory targets. The purpose of this study was to explore the therapeutic effects of a selective CDK7 inhibitor, BS-181, on mice with established collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). CIA mice were administered intraperitoneally with BS-181 (10 mg/kg) twice daily for 2 weeks. Control mice received(More)
AIM To develop a valid and reliable self-assessment scale that can be used by registered nurses in Taiwan to completely measure their patient education competence. METHODS The Patient Education Competence Scale for Registered Nurses was developed by using expert reviews, item analysis, exploratory factor analysis, criterion validity, and internal(More)
This study examined the effects of a neck stretching exercise intervention on nurses' primary headaches. Using a pretest and posttest two-group design, a total of 60 female staff nurses employed by a medical center in Taiwan were selected by convenience sampling. Participants in the experimental group (N=30) practiced neck stretching exercises while(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitalized patients generally have elevated levels of emotional distress. Gaining a better under-standing of the problem of emotional distress among hospitalized patients is conducive to providing appropriate emotional care and promoting their recovery. PURPOSE To analyze the scores for the "sixth vital sign" (i.e., emotional distress),(More)
Kasabach-Merritt phenomenon (KMP) is a rare and life-threatening disease of vascular tumor combined with severe consumptive coagulopathy. Currently, there is no established effective treatment of KMP. In this case series, from 2006 to 2008, we treated 6 pediatric patients with newly diagnosed KMP using intralesional corticosteroid injections. The severity(More)
Dynesys (Dynamic Neutralization System) was designed to overcome the shortcomings of fusion. The Dynesys top loading (DTL) system is a new alternative Dynesys system that can be applied via a minimally invasive procedure. This study aimed to ascertain whether DTL is a suitable device for motion preservation and prevention of instability, and to compare the(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the safety, efficacy and outcomes of fast-track rehabilitation applied to gastric cancer proximal, distal and total gastrectomy. METHODS Eighty consecutive patients undergoing gastric cancer resection performed by a single surgeon, received perioperative multimodal rehabilitation. Demographic and operative data, gastrointestinal(More)