Li-ying Hou

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In this paper,we consider online and semi-online hierarchical scheduling for load balancing on m parallel uniform machines with two hierarchies. There are k machines with speed s and hierarchy 1 which can process all the jobs, while the remaining m − k machines with speed 1 and hierarchy 2 can only process jobs with hierarchy 2. For the model with the(More)
In this work, we made progress on the problem that [ symbol: see text] is a Banach algebra under schur product. Our results extend Tonge's results. We also obtained estimates for the norm of the random quadralinear form A:l(r)(M) x l(p)(N) x l(q)(K) x l(s)(H)-->C, defined by: A(e(i), e(j), e(k), e(s))=a(ijks), where the (a(ijks))'s are uniformly bounded,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mechanism underlying the protective effects of a traditional Chinese medicinal formula, Baoganning, against liver fibrosis. METHODS Male Wistar rats were subjected to injection of carbon tetrachloride- peanut oil mixture and given daily 5% alcoholic beverage, and 2 days after the injection, Baoganning was administered(More)
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