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The aim of our study was to develop hyaluronic acid-coated, paclitaxel-loaded, nanostructured lipid carriers (HA-NLCs) prepared via electrostatic attraction for delivering paclitaxel (PTX) to tumors overexpressing CD44. First, cationic PTX-NLC was prepared by melt emulsion technology. Then, PTX-NLC were coated with hyaluronic acid (HA). The in vitro release(More)
PURPOSE The qCSF method is a novel procedure for rapid measurement of spatial contrast sensitivity functions (CSFs). It combines Bayesian adaptive inference with a trial-to-trial information gain strategy, to directly estimate four parameters defining the observer's CSF. In the present study, the suitability of the qCSF method for clinical application was(More)
This study was purposed to investigate the expression of latent membrane protein 1 (LMP-1) and CD68 in Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) patients with EB virus infection and to analyze the relation of LMP-1 expression and CD68(+) tumor-associated macrophage count with clinical features and prognosis of HL patients. The expression of LMP1 and count of CD68(+) TAM were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stereoscopic imaging systems have improved the surgical accuracy and patient safety but have induced unwanted visual disturbance, nausea, and ocular symptoms simultaneously. We measured and compared visual discomfort and visual fatigue induced by three-dimensional (3D) surgical imaging system and two-dimentional (2D) surgical imaging(More)
Ceramide (CE)-based combination therapy (CE combination) as a novel therapeutic strategy has attracted great attention in the field of anti-cancer therapy. The principal purposes of this study were to investigate the synergistic effect of CE in combination with docetaxel (DTX) (CE + DTX) and to explore the synergy mechanisms of CE + DTX. The(More)
PURPOSE Amblyopia is a developmental disorder that results in both monocular and binocular deficits. Although traditional treatment in clinical practice (i.e., refractive correction, or occlusion by patching and penalization of the fellow eye) is effective in restoring monocular visual acuity, there is little information on how binocular function,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the characteristic changes of the retina, the visual pathway and the visual cortex in patients with anisometropic amblyopia by simultaneously recording multifocal VEP and multifocal ERG. METHODS Pattern and flash simultaneously recording of the multifocal VEP and ERG of both eyes of 24 anisometropic amblyopes were recorded and the(More)
In referring to various methods for genomic DNA extraction from different tissues, we modified the classical phenol-chloroform procedure and reaction system for use in genomic DNA extraction from pig hair sacs. With the modified the phenol-chloroform method we successfully obtained high quality genomic DNA from pig hair sacs. Genomic DNA can be extracted(More)
Citation: Xi J, Jia W-L, Feng L-X, Lu Z-L, Huang C-B. Perceptual learning improves stereoacuity in amblyopia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2014;55:2384–2391. DOI:10.1167/ iovs.13-12627 PURPOSE. Amblyopia is a developmental disorder that results in both monocular and binocular deficits. Although traditional treatment in clinical practice (i.e., refractive(More)
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