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BACKGROUND Oryza longistaminata, an AA genome type (2 n = 24), originates from Africa and is closely related to Asian cultivated rice (O. sativa L.). It contains various valuable traits with respect to tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, QTLs with agronomically important traits and high ability to use nitrogen efficiently (NUE). However, only limited(More)
Transient sensory, motor or cognitive event elicit not only phase-locked event-related potentials (ERPs) in the ongoing electroencephalogram (EEG), but also induce non-phase-locked modulations of ongoing EEG oscillations. These modulations can be detected when single-trial waveforms are analysed in the time-frequency domain, and consist in stimulus-induced(More)
Whether primary sensory cortices are essentially multisensory or whether they respond to only one sense is an emerging debate in neuroscience. Here we use a multivariate pattern analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging data in humans to demonstrate that simple and isolated stimuli of one sense elicit distinguishable spatial patterns of neuronal(More)
Inhibition of cytochrome P450 (CYP) is a major cause of herb-drug interactions. The CYP1A2 enzyme plays a major role in the metabolism of drugs in humans. Its broad substrate specificity, as well as its inhibition by a vast array of structurally diverse herbal active ingredients, has indicated the possibility of metabolic herb-drug interactions. Therefore(More)
Pancreatic cancer (PC) remains a devastating disease with a five‑year survival rate of <5%. The difficulty in making an early diagnosis and the frequent occurrence of metastasis are important reasons for this poor prognosis. In China, the incidence of PC has been increasing steadily. Therefore, the present study aimed to identify effective markers in the(More)
Gravitropism is a complex process involving a series of physiological pathways. Despite ongoing research, gravitropism sensing and response mechanisms are not well understood. To identify the key transcripts and corresponding pathways in gravitropism, a whole-genome microarray approach was used to analyze transcript abundance in the shoot base of rice(More)
The limited success of translating basic animal findings into effective clinical treatments of pain can be partly ascribed to the use of sub-optimal models. Murine models of pain often consist in recording (1) threshold responses (like the tail-flick reflex) elicited by (2) non-nociceptive specific inputs in (3) anaesthetized animals. The direct cortical(More)
Countdown timers display the time left on the current signal, which makes drivers be more ready to react to the phase change. However, previous related studies have rarely explored the effects of countdown timer on driver's brake perception-reaction time (BPRT) to yellow light. The goal of this study was therefore to characterize and model driver's BPRT to(More)
Environmental stress elevates the level of jasmonic acid (JA) and activates the biosynthesis of nicotine and related pyridine alkaloids in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) by up-regulating the expression of putrescine N-methyltransferase 1 (NtPMT1), which encodes a putrescine N-methyl transferase that catalyzes nicotine formation. The JA signal suppressor(More)
AIM To investigate the inhibitory interactions of bufalin and CYP3A4. METHODS Recombinant human CYP3A4 was incubated with bufalin in vitro. Bufalin was administered ig and iv to Wistar rats to further estimate its impact on CYP3A4, and midazolam was given to index the activity of CYP3A4. RESULTS The IC(50) of bufalin was 14.52 micromol/L. Bufalin(More)
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