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OBJECTIVE To analyze the relationship between the features of preoperative contrast-enhanced ultrasound and the differentiation of symptoms and signs for syndrome classification by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). METHODS Eighty-two patients with malignant breast tumor were examined with contrast-enhanced ultrasound before the operation. The tumor(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the clinical significance of expressions of tumor necrosis factor receptor I and II(TNFR I and II) and their relationship with clinical pathology in human gastric carcinoma. METHODS SABC immunohistochemical method was used to examine the expressions of TNFR I and II in 51 cases of gastric carcinoma, 41 adjacent mucosal and 15 normal(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the manifestation of breast cancers of different sizes in contrast-enhanced sonography. METHODS Eighty-four patients with breast cancers were examined by contrast-enhanced ultrasound. Among them, the tumor diameter was beyond 2.0 cm in 50 cases, and no greater than 2.0 cm in the rest cases. The time-intensity curve (TIC) on the enhanced(More)
PURPOSE The primary aim of this study was to explore if classification, whether using the BI-RADS categories based on CEUS or conventional ultrasound, was conducive to the identification of benign and malignant category 3 or 4 small breast lesions. MATERIAL AND METHODS We evaluated 30 malignant and 77 benign small breast lesions using CEUS. The range of(More)
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