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We have used directed evolution methods to express a fungal enzyme, galactose oxidase (GOase), in functional form in Escherichia coli. The evolved enzymes retain the activity and substrate specificity of the native fungal oxidase, but are more thermostable, are expressed at a much higher level (up to 10.8 mg/l of purified GOase), and have reduced negative(More)
In order to better understand the molecular basis of heterosis in maize, the methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism method was used to estimate patterns of cytosine methylation in seedling roots and leaves and 15-d postfertilization embryo and endosperm tissues of hybrids and their parental lines Zheng58 and Chang7-2. In all tissues, total(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are 20–24 nucleotide long non-coding RNAs that play critical regulatory roles during plant development, organ morphogenesis, and cell fate determination and differentiation. In this study, miRNA microarray chips were used to explore the expression profile of ramie miRNAs between the bast of fiber elongation phase and those of cell wall(More)
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