Li-ping Yu

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A novel molecularly imprinted photonic polymer (MIPP) using maleic anhydride modified β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and acrylic acid as functional monomers has been presented for amino acid sensing. Reactive β-CD monomer carrying vinyl carboxylic acid functional groups was first synthesized. MIPP was fabricated by filling precursor solution into the interstitial(More)
A new approach for specific and ultrasensitive measurement of ciprofloxacin has been developed by integrating ternary complexes into responsive photonic crystal (RPC). Tryptophan was first immobilized within the polyacrylamide hydrogel substrates of RPC. The determination of ciprofloxacin was via the existence of zinc(II) ions that function as a 'bridge' to(More)
  • Li-Ping Yu
  • Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 2005
A cloud point extraction methodology was developed for simultaneous preconcentration of Hg(II), methylmercury (MeHg), ethylmercury (EtHg), and phenylmercury (PhHg) prior to reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) on-line coupled with cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry for speciation analysis of mercury in fish. The four mercury(More)
A novel sensing platform based on the integration of hydrogel photonic crystals and ternary tetracycline-copper(II)-amino acid complexes has been proposed. Obvious and gradual diffraction wavelength shifts and color changes can be easily monitored during the stepwise coordination reaction process. This new strategy allows label-free detection and reversible(More)
A molecularly imprinted photonic polymer (MIPP) sensor for respective detection of tetracycline, oxytetracycline and chlortetracycline is developed based on the combination of a colloidal crystal templating method and a molecular imprinting technique. Colloidal crystal templates are prepared from monodisperse polystyrene colloids. The molecularly imprinted(More)
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