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Developing new nanomaterials is of key importance to improve the analytical performances of electrochemical biosensors. In this work, palladium-copper alloyed nanocages supported on reduced graphene oxide (RGO-PdCu NCs) were facilely prepared by a simple one-pot solvothermal method. A novel phenol biosensor based on laccase has been constructed for rapid(More)
Sensitive photoelectrochemical (PEC) bioanalysis usually relies on enzyme-assisted signal amplification. This work describes the first proof-of-concept study for liposome-based PEC bioanalysis. Specifically, unilamellar liposomes were prepared and then utilized to carry the enediol-ligands and antibodies within their internal cavities and upon their(More)
In this work, bimetallic platinum-palladium sheet-assembled alloy networks (PtPd SAANs) were facilely synthesized by an eco-friendly one-pot aqueous approach under the guidance of l-glutamic acid at room temperature, without any additive, seed, toxic or organic solvent involved. l-Glutamic acid was served as the green shape-director and weak-stabilizing(More)
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